Vera Davis Photography | Session Information - Newborns


Newborn sessions are best done within the first two weeks after birth. We can do the session in your home or in my home studio. It is important to me that we keep this “babymoon” time restful and sacred. I believe new mothers should stay in bed and be cared for at least for the first couple of weeks after birth, so that they can heal and learn to care for their new baby. At the same time, as a photographer I also believe this is a unique and special time that should be recorded. My goal is to capture the emotion of this time in a calm and joyful way that doesn’t cause stress for the new mother.

If you would like a newborn session, call as early as possible to schedule a tentative date based on your due date. Then once baby arrives, call to plan a specific day and time. Perhaps give someone in your support network the task of making this call, as you may feel overwhelmed, and those first two weeks fly by. Of course a baby is adorable at any age, but if you like those curled up, sleeping newborn poses, they are difficult to get after two weeks.

Choose the location in which you will be most comfortable. I find that many new mothers feel too much the “hostess” if I come to their homes and will want to clean up! No, no, no! I would love to come photograph you and your baby in your cozy bed if you are comfortable with that and would not do any housekeeping on my account! I also have a lovely, bright in-home photo studio set up for newborns. You need only get here; I will take care of the rest! Seven to ten days after birth is a perfect time for an outing, many mothers are just then beginning to feel as though they would like to get out of the house.

Plan for a session to last anywhere for 1 ½ to 3 hours. Babies are opinionated and unpredictable! Some will need many breaks for feeding and cuddling, and some will sleep the entire time. We will always prioritize meeting baby’s needs.

Of course siblings are welcome, and mom and dad should expect to be in front of the camera for at least a few images!

One to two weeks after your session, you will come back to the studio to review your  finished images and purchase prints and/or digital files.

I hope to meet you and your new little person soon!