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Maternity Portraits

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This is one of the only pictures I have of me pregnant - just a quick snapshot, but I love it so much - it takes me back to that oh-so-brief moment in time. It was 12 years ago today - my due date was July 3 but the Fourth of July came and went with no sign of labor! She ended up being almost a week late, which we joke about now because she it's so difficult to get her to do something on time - her constant refrain is, "Just a sec!" So we figure that's what she was saying in utero when we said it was time to come out!

Another thing I think when I look at this picture twelve years later is - dang, I was skinny and cute! (even with messy hair and no makeup and terrible maternity clothes!) You might feel weird and not yourself when pregnant, but I promise you are actually glowing and beautiful! Pregnancy glow is real! I know not everyone enjoys pregnancy, but it is still a significant milestone in life and of course I believe it deserves to be celebrated and recorded - it is a special and fleeting time! And I bet in twelve years you'll realize how cute you were! :) 

So I may not have beautiful portraits like these, but at least I get to create them for others now! And I love love love it! 

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