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"authentic kids"

January 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

authentic kidsauthentic kids

This shot was set up by Pete Rezac in a class I took at Imaging USA - he creates these wonderful black and white images of kids and shared his process with us. Then I attended another program by Kay Eskridge, who does special sessions for tween girls. It's funny, because Julia and I have talked about creating something that would focus on kids about ages 6 to 11 - we wanted to capture the missing teeth, skinned knees, and their individual personality. Kids that age don't often get more than the annual school portrait, but along with babyhood, that is the age I most want to remember as a parent - the classic "kid" years. They are old enough to hold great conversations, they are hilarious and often wise, they are affectionate and still look up to mom and dad. Soon we will blink and the soccer balls, stuffed animals, and American Girl dolls will all be gone. How wonderful it would be to have an image on the wall that perfectly captured who our kids were at this time. Hopefully later this year I will decide just how I'd like to do this and have a page on the web site. Of course, if you can't wait and would like to talk about creating something special for your child sooner, give me a call! Maybe you can help me figure out what families would love most.


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