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Photo Backups And Lemonade Stands

August 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_0491IMG_0491 IMG_0493IMG_0493 Gotta take a moment to brag on my husband - I've always known I got lucky when he married me, and he seems to prove it more every day. He's so supportive of my every endeavor, including my photography business. Today he is setting up a RAID drive for me to help ensure I never lose any client's precious memories. Look at this monstrosity! It's massive and should hold me for quite some time!

And as if IT expertise (and good looks) was not enough, he's also a fairly handy woodworker.  I asked for a lemonade stand prop, and he (with my daughter's help) knocked it bout in a day! I can't wait to make adorable styled photo sessions with it! I've done one that I'm hoping to use for competition, but I now have it available for client shoots as well. And once I download those images, they'll be backed up to a zillion different drives! 


Thank you Honey!!!


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