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The Luke Project 52 Clinic

May 15, 2017  •  2 Comments

Once a month I volunteer at Luke Clinic Detroit. It is a free prenatal clinic that brings prenatal care to a severely underserved population in an area with an infant mortality rate nearly double the national average. A group of truly amazing people brought this to life to help women and babies.


I can’t draw blood, do ultrasounds, or deliver babies, but I take portraits of the women and children, and bring them back prints the following month.


It is an honor and privilege to meet these women and witness their strength, beauty, and dignity in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

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If you are so moved, you can donate to the Luke Clinic here: and/or to Family of God here


Sherie Garrison(non-registered)
My heart was overwhelmed to see the beauty of the mommas that we love so much through the awesome creativity of your photography. God is using you in a powerful way to portray the hope that the Luke Clinic brings to their lives and ours. Thank you Vera.
Jen Kosakowski(non-registered)
The beauty you add and bring to these moms are amazing and inspiring!! Love these pictures!!! As a fellow volunteer at the Luke Project 52 Clinic it's so awesome that you offer this to these beautiful moms and their babies!!
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