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Studio Mascot?

October 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

catcat This is the look Trixie gives me when I apologize to clients about her interrupting our outdoor sessions. She feels her presence is an honor and we should be grateful. 

If you have done an outdoor session with me here, you have met Trixie. She came to us five years ago when someone dumped her in the country and a plea went out to find her a home. We brought her home only to discover she was pregnant! She had five kittens and was the very best mother - she even tried repeatedly to bring mice into the house to teach her babies how to hunt. She was so annoyed that I wouldn't let her. 

Nowadays, she enjoys patrolling *her* estate. When we have shoots, she invariably shows up and photobombs. Often she will climb a tree in the frame to show off. She knows she is beautiful and can't imagine why I'd want to take pictures of anything but her! So I end up having to try to shoo her out of the shot and apologizing for my embarrassing cat. So then she sits on my quilt and gives me this face. Don't get her wrong though - as annoyed as she looks here, she is the sweetest cat I've ever had! She is so sociable and friendly and will go up to anyone. And if you sit down, she'll hop into your lap and curl up, whether she's ever met you before or not.

So apologies in advance if you have a shoot coming up! Just tell her she's a pretty kitty; she likes that. 


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