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Why Invest in Newborn Portraits?

January 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Is Newborn Photography new on your radar? Or do you know all about it, but wonder if it’s worth it? Here are five reasons we think you should book a session before you give birth:

1.They are this little for about a second

There is no way to say it without sounding trite, but they really do grow SO FAST. They will gain 5-7 ounces per week, and grow ½ to one inch a month! The rate of growth and development really is shocking. Having a record of them when they are brand new is priceless – and it’s so important to have beautiful images of them that capture their little features beautifully (and in high resolution) rather than just camera phone images that will not last.

2.Life’s most important milestone

For me, this is the moment to splurge on professional photography. Most of us do it for our weddings, but the birth of a baby is arguably more momentous. How precious to have a beautiful portrait of this new little human in your arms. I always think this baby as it grows will love looking through her baby album even more than she will enjoy pictures of your wedding bouquet. And no arguments about how you don’t want to be in pictures so soon after birth! You are beautiful and glowing even if you feel yucky or not at all yourself. I promise to make you look good, and your child deserves to know how much you loved him from the very first moments.

3.You won’t remember this time

I have a pet theory that mothers have amnesia about the first three months of a baby’s life, as surely as we have birth amnesia. The first several weeks of a baby’s life are hard. Even if everything goes absolutely perfectly and you have all the support in the world, these weeks pass in a blur. Realistically, most of us deal with depression, lack of sleep, breastfeeding trouble, and hormonal adjustment. You will feel human again by about 12 weeks, and won’t it be lovely to have a beautiful record of the love of those first weeks.

4.Babies make the best art

What is more pleasing to see on the wall than a baby? They are so delicious! And we are a full service studio, so you can pick up your beautiful, finished art ready to hang and not have “get pictures printed” on your to-do list for months (years?). Albums are also wonderful as they allow you to see all your images in print. We have some truly gorgeous albums to choose from.

5.Photos last forever

We are told to buy an infinite number of items to be “ready for baby.” Wipe warmers, bottle warmers, breast pumps, diaper genies. Most things will be trash before too long. (There are so many baby items you can’t even donate because of safety concerns!) But professional photography gives you something that could be cherished by this baby’s grandbabies! It is not money thrown away on gadgets, but something you will never regret.

And lucky you if you are in the Ann Arbor area, we are right in town and have a homey, comfy studio just waiting for you and your new little one!

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