Vera Davis Photography | 5 ways we ensure your newborn’s safety in our studio

5 ways we ensure your newborn’s safety in our studio

March 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

There is nothing like the fear and worry that grips you once you become a parent! And then immediately following that is the sinking realization that you will get to live with this worry for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. So I’d like to do my part to help ease your mind! Here are five reasons that you can feel comfortable bringing your newborn to our studio for a portrait session:


1.        We are obsessive about safety. The safety and comfort of your newborn is absolutely our primary focus. No image is worth risk. We are also obsessive about laundry and cleaning! Everything that touches a baby is laundered or wiped down before it is used with another baby.


2.        We are trained in newborn behavior, safety, and posing. Vera was a breastfeeding counselor for over five years, which involved learning about newborn needs and behavior. She has done many classes and workshops specific to newborn photography and knows how to create images safely. Many newborn images are created in part through the magic of Photoshop. (Babies should never be suspended above ground or placed in a pose that could cause injury.) We always have a spotter with hands ready in case baby startles, and we never leave baby unattended in any setup, even for a moment.


3.        We follow baby’s lead. Every baby is unique in terms of flexibility and sensitivity. Not every baby will go into every pose. If you have seen an image that you love, we can definitely try for it, but we will never push it if it becomes obvious that baby is not comfortable.


4.        We are up to date on pertussis and flu vaccines. If we do become ill, we will reschedule your session. And the hand sanitizer is always nearby!


5.        We keep the studio warm. Because we do many images with baby undressed or lightly wrapped, the studio is kept at about 80 degrees for the session, as newborns cannot yet regulate their body temperature. We only try for outdoor shots when weather conditions are ideal.


If you have any questions or concerns about a newborn photography session, please give us a call. We are parents and we worry too! Even if we are not the right fit for you, we want to help you choose a photographer who knows what they are doing and prioritizes safety. We are happy to help you do that whether or not we end up as your photographer.




* Photo by Vera Davis, styling and posing by Julia Kelleher


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