Vera Davis Photography | La Leche League of Ann Arbor 2016 portrait fundraiser

La Leche League of Ann Arbor 2016 portrait fundraiser

November 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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La Leche League is an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. I attribute my success nursing my babies to my having attended meetings, and I loved it so much I became a Leader myself for several years. The mothers I met at meetings are still among my dearest friends. So I love that I am able to help the group that helped me so much, while photographing my favorite subject, moms and babies!


The past couple of years we have been doing a photography fundraiser for the group by offering a mini photo session in exchange for a donation. It has been so much fun, and the resulting images are some of my favorite I’ve taken.

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If you missed it this year, look for it next year, and meanwhile - go check out a meeting! Fewer mothers attend in-person meetings these days, preferring to get information online, but there is just no substitute for connecting in person, hearing directly from other mothers, and seeing other women breastfeeding.

Didiour wonderful local La Leche League Leader, Didi!

Also on the topic of breastfeeding, I love breastfeeding portraits! If you have wanted a beautiful portrait of you nursing, I would love to provide that for you. :)

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