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The Baby Summit USA

October 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It’s great timing if you happen to be pregnant in Ann Arbor! I just got back from the most amazing event – three whole days of a conference especially for baby photographers. It was wonderful in so many ways – inspiring classes, wonderful people, and – here’s where it’s good for you – a TRADE SHOW.

Newborn photographers love to use things like hand-knitted rompers, vintage baby quilts, and yummy fabrics in their images, and these things are often provided by mommy-run small businesses. The opportunity to see many of these supremely talented women in one room and see their gorgeous wares in person was a highlight. All of we newborn photographers rushed into the trade show at 8:00 a.m. sharp, screaming, “TAKE MY MONEY!” We must have been truly frightening to behold. But ohhhhh, the beautiful things! The lovely headbands! The adorable outfits! The flowy maternity gowns! It’s hard enough to show restraint when shopping on Etsy, but getting to touch the things made by these creatives makes it completely impossible to resist buying ALL THE PROPS.

Gimme all the things!But now what to use first...?!

As fun as that was, the best part of the experience was the people. Everyone I met was warm, kind, generous, and open. So many of us bonded and will be friends for life. I was marveling at this at home, and my daughter said, “Well duh. You’re newborn photographers. You’re obviously nice people.” I hadn’t thought of that, but I suppose it’s true that people who love babies tend to be warm and fuzzy. :)

Ann Arbor Newborn Photographerwarm and fuzzy but also Super Fun!

And then there was what we all came for – three days’ worth of classes, demos, and talks by the best in the industry. OMG. My brain is overflowing with all the input. Just when you think you know all about photographing babies, you realize there is still so much you can learn. I am feeling so inspired and creative, and I can’t wait to share that with you all.

Amy McDaniel's classso many adorable babies!!! My heart!!

It is humbling and truly a privilege when a family invites you to participate in what is likely the most important and vulnerable time of their lives. Providing a lasting record of these days means so much to me and I never take it for granted. I am thrilled to have even more knowledge, motivation and inspiration to share with you now. Not to mention many many more newborn headbands…


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