Vera Davis Photography | Michigan fall family sessions

Michigan fall family sessions

November 13, 2015  •  3 Comments

I've been busy photographing some beautiful families this fall. How lucky we are in Michigan - we have such a gorgeous autumn! The colors! The light! The orchards!

It can be a very brief window that we get the gorgeous color, which makes it that much more exciting when you get the chance to capture images at just the right moment.


The leaves are gone now, but the beauty lives on in pictures! 

Happy fall to everyone, and may you have the good fortune to snuggle up with your loved ones during the cold months to come!



William Kerry(non-registered)
gorgeous autumn and beautiful weather, happy family
Heather R. Oconnell(non-registered)
Happy family photographs . Their pose are wonderful and the photographer captured these images very efficiently .
Nelly Rahman(non-registered)
Very nice family. michigna is very nice place.. thanks for share..
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